Cultivating Health According to Nature

  • Hydration

  • Cell Cholesterol

  • Minerals

  • Digestion

Our NEW electroLYTES Solution

$ 30 per bottle
Use electroLYTES to:
+ Get going and keep going...charge your body battery.
+ Restore and maintain health.
+ Prevent and manage chronic disease.
electroLYTES is beneficial for:
All Ages and Stages * Vitality and Ease * Doing and Being

electroLYTES replaces Lyte, Lyte CL, and Lyte K

The Health Equations Evaluation

The Health Equations Blood Test Evaluation assesses the four pillars of health. The Evaluation also offers recommendations to strengthen each pillar. A secure foundation is necessary to prevent and solve any and all symptoms and illness.

The Evaluation includes breakthrough concepts in cholesterol, dietary fat, heart disease, inflammation, auto-immunity, hormones and more.


What HEq Clients are Saying...

Instructions and Costs

Malic Acid

Health Equations Malic Acid increases protein digestion and mineral absorption, improves energy and stamina and removes aluminum from the nervous system.
Malic Acid, especially in combination with a Health Equations electroLYTES,
provides acid essential for digestion and health.

What People are Saying

"Dr. Lynne August has the ability to take the most complex ideas and turn them into teachable moments. Not only did she work along side this towering genius, Dr. Emanuel Revici, she has also made it her life's work to keep the flame alive for nearly three decades. Dr. August is the heir apparent of the Revici Method."

- Kelley Eidem
Author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer: The Story of Emanuel Revici, M.D.

Many physicians and nutritional counselors base their recommendations on symptoms, anecdotal evidence or blood and other tests to determine if a person has a diagnosis they can treat. Not Lynne. Her Health Equations Blood Test Evaluation shows where a person is on a continuum from healthy to very ill. Lynne identifies imbalances and deficiencies and then makes accurate and detailed recommendations to improve and restore health, or even intervene before illness occurs.

In the more than 30 years I've known Lynne she has helped me, members of my family and the countless clients I have referred to her for personal health consulting. She is in a league of her own, always years ahead of the curve when it comes to nutritional health.

- Ben Benjamin, PhD, Sports Therapist
Author of Listen to Your Pain, Are you Tense? and Exercise Without Injury
Co-author of The Ethics of Touch

"Dr. August's work is brilliant. From her work, I have experienced wonderful and often startling benefits for my own health, and she has greatly helped many patients I've referred to her—some of whom experienced breakthroughs in healing after decades of frustration and lack of progress from other treatment modalities. She offers the rare combination of great precision in her blood chemistry analysis and a compassionate presence that is a real gift to those who make use of her services. She is the go-to person for nutritional analysis. I can't recommend her work highly enough."

- David Mercier, L.Ac., author of A Beautiful Medicine

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