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Cataplex G is food sources of the fat soluble B vitamins – B2 and B3. The fat soluble B vitamins have a relaxing effect.  One of the seven causes of heartburn is lack of bile salts necessary to neutralize stomach acid. (The number one cause of heartburn is dehydration. See HEq Lyte formulas above.) Cataplex G relaxes the bile duct allowing the flow of bile to meet the acid. Other indicators of lack of bile secretion include burping, tightness in the upper abdomen, fat craving and pale stools.

Cataplex G relaxes the smooth muscle of the bile duct. It also relaxes the smooth muscle of the arteries and therefore can decrease high blood pressure.

Chew two tablets with each meal, more if needed.

360 Tablets per bottle


Cataplex G

Price: $37.00